Your Instagram Bio Must Have The Following!!!

Your Instagram bio must have the following!!
1. Your name on Instagram
What’s your name? What’s your brand name? Usernames don’t always allow others to know who you are. It might be that your name has already been used by other users.If this is your case, include your name or your business’ so you can be easily identified.
2. Essential information to be included in your Instagram Bio. Your specialty, your sector and what you do. You can explain what you have to offer to your followers as an easy way to introduce persuasive writing in your description. Add your location. Don’t forget to include your location or phone number if your strategy is focused on attracting the local public or you have a special interest in a specific area.
Contact information: Instagram allows you now to include contact buttons with your phone or email without taking space on your bio text. Make sure that future customers can find the way to contact you easily.
3. Add personality and be creative
After you’ve covered the fundamentals — keywords, URLs, cross-promoted hashtags, etc — the final touch is to add some personality to your bio. Be creative — you have all the tools for that! Have a favorite quote you live by? Or came up with a funny line that represents your brand well
4. Choose a Quality Profile Photo That Reflects Your Branding
5. Use clickable tags to promote branded hashtags and sister accounts
The link in your bio isn’t the only thing visitors can click on to learn more about you.
If you have a branded hashtag, include it in your bio to draw clicks and take interested users to a feed of branded or user-generated content. Just type it in your bio as you would any hashtag.
6. Create Highlights for your profile
Stories are an essential part of Instagram marketing, and Story Highlights give them a longer lasting presence on your profile. They allow you to save individual stories into different “highlights,” which you get to name and organize as you see fit.

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