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Fixing a high price for your services or products does not make you a cheat, but not rendering equivalent value worth the price makes you a charlatan. Deliver on promises. Your 1000 pieces should be complete, your delivery time should be adhered to. Keep to your words and you will gain the much desired reputation. Your customers won’t find it hard to recommend you to others if they find you reliable. Truth is you are not the only one rendering the type of service you render in your industry, you have competitors while your clients have alternatives, alternatives that might be equal or even be better than you. So what do you think will keep them stuck to you? Your integrity. Say it and do it and when you can’t meet up make it plain in sincerity. Being shady in business will leave you in the shadows.

Let’s get up close, Have you ever bought a product or subscribed to a service because a close friend recommended it? What If the producer short-changed your friend would your friend have recommended the producer to you? Integrity is important. If you think you can short change and manipulate people to earn more you are simply hurting yourself.



Make your sales process fun for clients. Let them find joy seeking you out. Make yourself available and accessible as easy as possible. I wonder how a business person’s phone will be switched off or unreachable for days. Have a business line and a personal line if need be, almost all android phone come dual. Be reachable at the click of the fingers. Either via mail, on phone, social media, physically be reachable. Make it easy to reach you when needed. Remember you are not the only one your customers know to be rendering the services. Don’t give them the option of trying to contact your competitors. They might never return.


Learn to say NO

You can’t do it all, as much as you are advised never to limit yourself; in business, you take on only what you are confident of providing excellent service for. Be straight forward with your clients. “Am sorry I have my hands full and won’t be able to meet up with the deadline can we adjust the timeline? Am sorry this area is not my specialization but I have a partner and colleague that can get the job done, do you mind if I contact her on your behalf?”. I have lost different clients base on the “I can do it all, bring it on” attitude. We are not supermen. If your plate is becoming too full outsource or employ someone to do them for you while you focus on providing excellent services in your area of best competence. Be sincere with yourself and your customers. Don’t be afraid to say NO when it is needed. My business rule of thumb for saying no is; To be sincere and give an alternative that is profitable to me. Whenever is say NO, I link them with a friend who I already have a sharing formula with for referral/affiliate. I monitor the deal so the client don’t forget I exist and I do personal follow up on the deliverable. I don’t refer people I don’t trust or whose service is below par. The people you refer tell your clients the quality of your

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