What factors can affect your online reputation?

What factors can affect your online reputation?
1. The active presence of your brand online

If you have a website, social media pages, review website accounts – that’s only the first step of your online branding.
2. Your response to positive reviews

Interacting with consumers will help you build better relationships and encourage repeat customers. Responding to positive reviews or posts on platforms like Facebook and Twitter will strengthen your brand’s online reputation by showing customers you appreciate them and their business.
3. Reviews

There are many avenues in which customers can review your products and services today and they are all over the internet. Between Google, Yelp, and social media
4. Your response to negative reviews

You can be proactive about negative reviews by reaching out to those who have left negative feedback. You can provide a high level of service that shows you would like to rectify the poor experience with your products/services and take the conversation offline
5. Understand what to make public and what to hold private.

In this day and age, it seems like people often overshare things that none of us necessarily need to know. Other topics like politics and religion are areas to avoid discussing as a business owner because you will end up alienating part of your audience and hurting your reputation in some way.https://dabrandcity.com/how-to-promote-your-campaign-with-social-media/

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