1. Digital marketing levels the online playing field. When it comes to a business’s visibility on the web, just like opening a store, location is everything. Being easily noticeable on the web, getting a business’s name out there, and updating information frequently will bring customers to its door.
2. Digital marketing helps businesses stay a step ahead of their competition. Digital marketing is the best way for a brand to get a leg up on its competition. Think SEO, organic search, local search, Google Adwords, social media, and blogs. Businesses want to reach as many people as possible, and this is significantly easier to achieve on the web than it is in person.
3. Digital marketing is less expensive than traditional advertising. Traditional advertising can cost large sums of money, whether it be via television, radio, newspaper, magazine, or direct mail. Now business owners can find a cheap equivalent online.
4. Digital marketing builds brand recognition. Since there are so many channels on the web with marketing potential, getting the message out about new brands is easier than ever before.
5. Digital marketing allows businesses to monitor their brand. The great thing about digital marketing is that those who use it can easily check their reputation and engage with unsatisfied customers, making it possible for them to address negative press before it circulates too far and too wide.
6. Digital marketing brings a brand’s story to more people. Lastly, digital marketing is about telling a unique story to the world. Digital marketing is a business’s best chance to stand up and be heard, bringing its brand to the doorsteps of people that need the product or service, and those that might like to learn more about it.
7. Digital marketing provides businesses with additional sales channels. Think of digital marketing as branches off of a brick and mortar business. One branch of the business contains social media posts with tips, advice, local news, and events involving the brand.

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