Analytics and data gives you all sorts of insights into what your customer wants from your business. But sometimes don’t you wish you could get an answer straight from your customers?

That’s what customer feedback is all about.

Customer feedback is a powerful guide that can give you crucial insights helping you make more money or cut marketing expenses.

It helps us understand the WHY behind what people are doing. Why are people using one feature three times as often as another? Why do most of your customers stop creating accounts on the last step? Or what causes customers to use your product less frequently (and eventually stop altogether)?

1. Provide Forward Live Chat Support

Live chat can address many issues. For example, it can help customers who are unable to locate the items they seek, or answer questions about availability, payment, shipping, etc.

Chat support can help a company get closer to its customers by better understanding their needs and challenges. It also helps identify patterns if there are any recurring issues and helps find long-term solutions for those issues.

As with other types of feedback, the quality of your response plays a critical role in achieving optimum results. You should do your best to make sure all customer questions are addressed promptly and with helpful information for your customer.

You can increase the efficiency of your online chat by making it proactive: set the live chat window to appear whenever a customer has been reading a page for a long time, for example 20 seconds.

2. Get Feedback on Live Chat Session

Just like e-mail surveys, surveys which are sent after you close a ticket in a customer support portal, you can seek feedback after a live chat session has closed.

This feedback can include basic questions about whether the chat experience was helpful. This helps you rate the effectiveness of your chat-support personnel.

In the case of an unsatisfactory response, prompt action can help you win the customer’s trust.

3. Provide dedicated customer feedback forms on your site.

Provide at least a dedicated feedback email — for example, feedback@xyz.com. If there are any complaints, customers can communicate their grievances through this email. This remains one of the most effective methods of generating feedback.

You can take this one step further by providing a dedicated feedback form, placed prominently on your website. As a best practice, the forms should include all relevant questions related to feedback, but should not be too long.

Whenever possible, provide customers with multiple options. For greater impact, the email address for feedback or the feedback form should be highly visible on the website.

4. Questionnaires

This is what many people still associate with customer feedback surveys – long, multi-question traditional surveys. Questionnaires can be built with multiple questions and be distributed to customers via email, chat, social media or any other method – you just need to provide the target group with a link to the survey.

5. Reach Out Directly

When we’re using surveys, email, or analytics, we’re missing all sorts of contextual information. Customers might say they need more money and more time. But which one are they really passionate about? Which one truly keeps them up at night? You won’t know for sure until you hear the passion in their voices as they talk about their problems.

6. User Activity from Your Analytics

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which features and which sections of your site people are actually using? And how often? Sure, we can use web analytics products to get a sense of what the total usage is like. But what does an individual use?

Most analytics products don’t tell us what individual people are doing. That’s because they were built to track web sites as a whole, not your customers.

But when you use customer analytics, you’ll be able to see the activity of individual people.

What’s the big deal? Why is this useful?

When we look through the activity of individuals, it’s much easier to identify the reason why certain outcomes occur.

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